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FlapSwap Flaps Laid Out

A con bag that’s perfect for collectors, and anyone who wants to separate work from play.

The FlapSwap bag has an intentionally simple design to meet you where you are. You can change up the flap without changing out the bag




The FlapSwap’s interchangeable flaps show off who you are.

Be it your favorite movie, character, or work logo.

This means the FlapSwap can keep up with a fast paced life by saving you time not swapping your gear between multiple bags.

Swapping flaps out for your mood, your day, or event saves you money, and most importantly – CLOSET SPACE.

What Makes FlapSwap so Awesome?

DWR Coated
Elastic Straps
Adjustable Strap
Deep Zipper Pocket
Big Enough for all Your Stuff
Wear it Anyway
Durable Hardware
Removable Flap!

A Cross Body Bag, A Con Bag, A Messenger Bag, even a Murse.  We call it the FlapSwap.

For over 6 years MrSeams has been both vendor and geek at conventions across the country. 

We started off with custom ties of cult classics, and some of our favorite throwbacks and horror movies. 

Then we tried messenger bags. They were a hit.

Seeing how people were using them gave us lots of great ideas on how to improve them, but there was one resounding piece of feedback:  

“I want more designs, but I don’t need so many bags!!!“

So we started working on the new bag, partnered with a New York based company and found a US based manufacturer.  

Enter FlapSwap

The outcome is the bag you see today. 

A high quality, heavy duty, kick ass bag.  

Your new favorite bag that is meant to last and meet you where you are with thousands of possible flaps made just for you.