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The SubtleT


Be Subtle

The Subtle T is our way of helping leave “breadcrumbs” to minority groups, especially the LGBTQIA+ community since MrSeams is a Gay owned business. 

The idea of a breadcrumb is to let someone know you’re an ally in a subtle way so you’re not outing them, but still, let them know you are someone who supports them.

Show support

The Subtle T is a tee-shirt you can use to send a message of support, of love, of fun, or absolute sarcasm, in a way that gets a second glance.  You can pick from pre-made designs, or design your own.  The message gets placed just below the right collar and can be used under a button-up to peak even more curiosity or just as a casual tee.

Only the best

The shirts are done on the AMAZINGLY soft Bella Canvas Sueded Cotton Tee, and as always made in the USA.  So get your message out there with “The Subtle T”.  Make change, make connections, make a friend, or just make them laugh.